To the people of Marina:

I am so grateful to the voters of Marina for electing me to the City Council!  Though the voters in District 2 specifically elected me, due to the districting system that we are operating under for the first time, this in no way means that a councilmember will favor one district over another…I see myself accountable as a council person to all residents of Marina!  I shall try to meet each issue on the Council with the same values and objective reasoning and hard work that I believe you saw in me prior, and for which you placed your confidence in me for the future!  I fully intend to seek opinions from the public about major issues and to hear the concerns of the residents of Marina.  Together we can continue to shape our collective bright future!  

No matter how big or small the issues may be, how complex or simple, how immediate or far into the future, everyone’s opinion can shed important light on the issues facing Marina. 

Kathy Biala

Kathy and Harvey Biala
Kathy and Harvey Biala

Meet Kathy

I have made Marina my home because of the amazing diversity of this community reflects my upbringing, and my values.

Kathy Biala and CEMEX

Of Sand

Kathy Biala knows that equitable change can only happen when ALL are invested in the city’s future. With passion and energy, she has engaged with many relevant issues that affect Marina.

Kathy Biala at the Coastal Commission

Of Covid-19

Kathy Biala understands that actions speak louder than words. When Marina saw economic downturn due to Covid-19, she collaborated with small businesses and community to find solutions.

Kathy at the Marina library

Of Water

A tireless grassroots advocate, Kathy has proven she has what it takes to bring our community together to protect our natural resources.

Kathy Biala at the Coastal Commission

Of Civic Duties

Kathy Biala knows that Marina is a city with a lot of heart. She is committed to making a difference for the city—and the people who live there.

Kathy Biala, Planning Commissioner


I’m honored to have the support of many community leaders. Together, we will work to improve the lives of all residents! 

I am proud to endorse Kathy Biala for Marina City Council because she has proven her commitment to the people of Marina and the region by her grassroots leadership.  She  has been a leading voice to protect Marina’s water, coastline, and downtown small businesses.

Senator Bill Monning

17th Senate District

Kathy Biala has demonstrated her thoughtfulness and effectiveness advocating for social justice and a healthy environment for Marina residents. Her perspective will be valuable on the Marina City Council.

Jane Parker

Monterey County Board of Supervisors, District 4

Bruce Delgado and Kathy Biala
Note: In making all photos, photographer Steve Zmak used digital technology that did NOT require the subjects to stand near each other at any time during the photo shoot. 

I support Kathy Biala for City Council because she has been one of the most experienced and hardworking supporters of Marina’s water, downtown businesses, and our diverse community that I have known.

Bruce Delgado


My pledge is to always be accessible to the residents I serve. You can call me anytime at 831.200.3605

Kathy Biala

Kathy at the Marina Labor Day Parade 2019